Business Intelligence Reports

The BI POINT module is a tool for analyzing company data. All data collected in the program are available in the form of clear graphical reports and tables. It is worth noting the flexibility of the presented data. It is the user who decides what he wants to analyze, in what time range and how accurately his data should be presented.

BI Point features:

  • It shows and analyzes our database data in real time.
  • It is available both via a web browser and on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.
  • It allows for full customization of the presented data and analyses.
  • It does not require specialized knowledge in creating reports.
  • It answers the most important questions regarding your business.
  • Works anywhere and anytime.
  • It provides specific knowledge about every area of your company.

Sales Dashboard

One of the most important dashboards for every entrepreneur. One glance and you immediately know what your company’s cash flow looks like. It is known how much funds will have to be spent on the upcoming payments, how much funds can be expected in the near future, and what the structure of overdue payments looks like. You also know which contractors do not regularly pay their liabilities to you, which allows you to make further commercial decisions.

Company Results - Your Analysis

The BI Point tool has several predefined dashboards and analyzes at the start. You decide how and what you want to analyze. Building new analyzes does not require programming knowledge from you. Each analytical area in the module is thoroughly described, and the creation of a new report is based on the selection of data and moving it to the analysis area. In the area itself, the arrangement and dependence of the data is only your decision. Therefore, building new analyses, expanding existing ones with new measures and dimensions, as well as transforming tabular data into graphical ones is child’s play and every user can handle this process.

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