The automated music publishing SaaS platform helping music artists and publishers automate song equity negotiation and streamline the process of royalties payment

  • Business Analysis
  • DevOps services
  • QA
  • Web Development

Project description

The platform is a MusicTech solution that helps musical artists and co-owners of songs receive the publishing royalties they deserve. It sends information to all royalty collection agencies once an artist and collaborators of the creation process sign up on the platform. The idea and importance of the product lie in the necessity to provide music artists and people involved with assistance through the entire process, from split sheet creation to royalty collection in one platform. It automatically creates and keeps split sheets on its blockchain database to track users’ percentage of ownership. Also, it enables owners of the song to monitor the payment schedule and equity for the entire catalog.

Industry: Entertainment, MusicTech
Platforms: Web
Role: Software Developer, Business Analyst, Project Management
Tech Stack: Node.js (Nest, Typescript), Next.js, Postgresql, GraphQL

Problem introduction

Our client works with music artists and provides services of securing ownership and obtaining fair publishing royalties. They came to us with a prototype they wanted to develop further and requested to improve logical operations, some key features and perform code refactoring. Among other requirements, our client sought an effective way of registering a significant number of musical works. So, our team had to implement CWR into the platform.

Main goals:

  • Provide a client with a customized, easy-to-use, and reliable SaaS platform
  • Implement CWR downloading/uploading with all the following business logic
  • Collect the requirements, analyze the business flow, create the necessary documentation and deliver a feature for managing split sheets
  • Refactor the existing AWS S3 flow and resolve critical security issues
  • Add a new notifications system (web app notifications plus email notifications via Sendgrid)
  • Increase the scalability options
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

Even though this SaaS platform has a complex logic and integration system, our team enjoyed working on it. We offered our client several suggestions to improve the current platform, which were accepted. They included deep business analytics, deployment of an additional environment for beta testing, and others. Throughout the entire project implementation process, we closely communicated with the customer, monitored their business demands, and searched for the most effective ways to manage their expectations. Our team’s most significant technical challenge was CWR implementation on the back-end because it required deep analysis and stricter data input. We also had to add a new notification system – web notifications and e-mails via SendGrid. The client requested Sendgrid and AWS S3 integration. Our specialists also found a critical vulnerability due to S3 key public availability on the front-end, which we successfully fixed. Despite all the challenges and complicated Business Logic, our team delivered a high-value product to the end-users.

Core Functionality:

  • Easy registration and inviting co-owners procedures
  • Split Sheets creation, management, and further publishing
  • CWR implementation
  • Sendgrid and AWS S3 integration
  • Tracking equity and transparent publishing flow
Core Functionality:


Our team developed a reliable and comprehensive music publishing platform addressing ownership of music artists and businesses and receiving fair royalties. It brings together the creation of split sheets and automated publishing information, adding all co-owners, registration of the song or all collaborators, and collecting publishing royalties.

CWR implementation simplifies the process of musical works registration and allows simplifying information sharing issues. The platform provides filing split sheets changes and agreements with the PRO’s. It has its own blockchain database, ensuring high data protection.

We delivered a product that guarantees transparency, simplicity, and security in managing split sheets and collecting royalties by all song owners.


  • The automated music publishing platform
  • Advanced registration system
  • Implementation of CWR into the product
  • Integration with Sendgrid and AWS S3
  • Automated process of split sheets management

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