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DEC Institute

Project description

DEC Institute is a comprehensive e-learning platform providing the ability to purchase the course, study, take an exam on the course, and receive a certificate. The product consists of several software solutions: a website built with Webflow, e-commerce functionality configured using Shopify, an Admin panel, e-mail service, and several integrations with recognized industry-leading testing and certification providers including Accredible, Pearson Vue, and Edu Next.

Industry: Education, Ecommerce
Platforms: Web
Role:  Software developer, IT consultant
Tech Stack: Node.js, Nest.js, PostgreSQL, Postmarkapp, PHP, Shopify, Accredible integration, Pearson Vue integration, Edu Next integration

Problem introduction

The customer already had a website and Shopify page and was looking for a software development company to help with some integrations, namely Pearson Vue, Shopify, and Accredible. The key idea was to create a coherent software solution and a solid product from different services that are used under the hood. Our company has provided software consultancy, back-end development, front-end development, and DevOps services for this project in order to build the custom back-end service and advanced integrations gluing all the above solutions together, making them work smoothly and providing an effortless user experience for students.

Main goals

  • Make it possible for Students to log in once on the website and use all the integrated services seamlessly
  • Develop a user interface to buy the course, prepare, pass the exam, and receive a certificate if you pass the examination successfully
  • Build a Custom Admin dashboard in Shopify to empower the platform administration with the ability to manage product updates, discounts, orders, and update user information
  • Create a Customer Portal as per the provided UI/UX Mockups so the users can track their progress
  • Develop a notification system and inform users automatically by email of any status updates
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

In general, the project wasn’t too challenging, although each step, integration, and overall approach required a lot of prior preparations, including studying third-party software documentation, communicating with technology providers, planning, and testing. It was necessary to implement a custom SSO for such platforms as Pearson Vue, EduNext, and Shopify for seamless integration so that the student should have a feeling he uses a single website rather than switches between Webflow, Shopify, Customer Portal, LMS, and testing software. Single sign-on is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related, yet independent, software systems. We weren’t able to use Multipass because it’s available only in Shopify’s Advanced Plan, which was too expensive. Thus we came up with our own authorization method for Shopify. Additionally, the client needed to manage candidates, and we created a custom page in the Shopify Admin using Shopify App Bridge.

Core Functionality

  • Custom SSO for such platforms as Pearson Vue, EduNext, and Shopify.
  • Integration with Pearson Vue, Shopify, Postmarkapp, and Accredible.
  • Customer Portal based on provided UI/UX design
  • Custom Admin Panel Interface in Shopify
  • Email notification system built with Postmarkapp
Core Functionality


In conclusion, it is worth saying that the main goal was achieved. Namely, we have turned out to combine several disparate systems in such a way that for the end user, the product looks like one holistic website, and he has no idea it’s actually not.


  • The final product was presented to users as a web and mobile responsive website with a custom design
  • Customer Portal where the students can see and update information about themselves, purchase courses, take a course, schedule and take an exam, and then receive a certificate
  • Shopify Admin Panel built with Shopify App Bridge for advanced user management, including manual assigning to a course, adding personal discounts on some specific courses to particular users, ability to monitor Students attempts to pass the exams, ability to monitor user progress
  • Custom SSO process and seamless Pearson Vue, EduNext, and Shopify integrations made it possible to improve the user experience greatly and create unique functionality using ready solutions
  • Integration with Shopify as an e-commerce engine
  • Integration with Edu Next which is used as LMS
  • Integration with Pearson Vue to allow users to pass the exam
  • Integration with Accredible to issue certificates
  • Integration with Postmarkapp email service to send email notifications on status updates and for auth

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