Electric Miles

Smart charging application for EV drivers and owners

  • DevOps services
  • Mobile Development
  • UI/UX design
  • Web Development
Electric Miles

Project description

We created a compound OCPP platform connected to the electric vehicle ecosystem and designed to provide smart charging services. The mobile app and a dashboard allow EV drivers to find public charge points close to their location, remotely start an instant charge, monitor usage, choose charging based on off-peak hours, etc. Additionally, we created the service admin panel, which simplifies managing customers and their requests as well as helps run and maintain the corporate website.

Industry: Automotive
Platforms: Mobile, Web
Role: Software developer, IT consultant
Tech Stack: React.js, Ionic, PHP Symfony, Python, WordPress CMS, Symfony EasyAdmin

Problem introduction

Our client is a UK-based cleantech company specializing in creating intelligent IoE charging solutions for electric vehicles. They wanted to develop an innovative and inclusive application for EV users, which would solve their problem of finding charging stations and optimizing their charging schedule. It also had to track its charges and expenses and provide the vehicle with the cheapest and greenest energy available nearby. The users should have an opportunity to communicate and receive personalized support. The company should be able to add new charging brands and make changes through the admin panel.

Main goals

  • Develop cross-platform mobile applications for EV drivers
  • Build a company website and dashboard
  • Provide a convenient and functional admin panel to manage customers and business website
  • Introduce innovative UI/UX design
  • Ensure third-party integrations
  • Introduce a serverless on-demand application for communicating
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

This project is unique, with many specific features demanding thorough analysis and holistic approaches. Thus, when we started our cooperation with the customer, we preferred to outline short-term targets and perspectives. Business logic’s discovery and identification processes were also time-consuming because it was a narrow niche, and we had to exclude wasted time on useless tasks. Taking into account the fact that this project was ongoing, we did not have any possibilities to choose a tech stack that suited our needs most optimally. Our team had to show its best and obtain the maximum from the available set. It explains why, for example, we used Ionic for a cross-platform mobile app, which is not the perfect solution. Besides, we were a part of a big development team and developed several user applications at the same time. But despite this, our specialists efficiently and timely completed all the tasks and fruitfully cooperated with other developers. As an additional effort, we developed a serverless module that fired on demand and operated as an interlayer of communication between the back-end, chargers, and EVs. It was a missing puzzle that enables solving data synchronization problems and aggregating comprehensive statistics. In this way, our team finally managed to overcome challenges related to devices’ specific features and optimal architecture design.

Core functionality:

  • Google Maps and Places Integration
  • Well-designed sign-up system
  • Chat functionality
  • Possibility to see the real-time battery charge level
  • Rich management system
  • Advanced analytical tool
  • Admin panel for service suppliers
Core functionality:


We created a modern, multifunction SaaS platform with iPhone and Android apps, a web dashboard, and an admin panel to conveniently manage customers and meet their demands.

The app connects EV drivers to charging stations, guides them on the maps, and displays crucial personal charging information. It is easy to find Project EV and EVIQ chargers using embedded maps. It enables users to book and schedule charging times, monitor the quantity of power being charged and consumed, and get cost-optimized recharging of their vehicles. The calendar integration and the possibility to connect it with various services (Gmail, Outlook, iCloud) helps drivers not forget charging dates or time and optimize charging. For chargers, the web dashboard provides a clear and detailed registration process. The intuitive service admin panel quickly addresses all customers and business needs.


  • Smart cross-platform EV charging application
  • Intuitive UX/UI design based on a human-centered approach
  • Mixpanel and Zendesk Integrations
  • Advanced navigation system
  • Integration with Google Tools and Services
  • Comprehensive service admin panel

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