A trading platform for agricultural commodities connecting niche sellers and buyers

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Project description

Glendeal is a convenient SaaS-based platform for selling agricultural commodities. The client came up with the idea of a marketplace where verified counterparties can trade safely according to International law. For its users, app operation has to comprise several steps. They register and choose their roles. After it, users create a detailed request for selling or buying a particular product and participate in an auction. Finally, customers agree on the terms of delivery and conclude a deal.

Industry: Ecommerce
Platforms: Web
Role: Software Developer, IT Consultant, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Content Writer
Tech Stack: React.js, Javascript, Python Django, DRF, PostgreSQL

Problem introduction

The client wanted to prevent unscrupulous traders from manipulating farmers and get a reliable platform where suppliers could place their offers and receive relevant orders. It had to be user-friendly for customers and administrators. Also, all trades should be done according to international law and address the specific nature of agricultural commodities varieties. Having analyzed all requirements, our team provided multiple product logic and implementation suggestions. One of the main goals of our client was to make services more customer-oriented; that is why interaction with the app had to be smooth and precise. Thus, such actions as registration, searching for suppliers and commodities, making requests, taking notifications, etc., had to be the most simple. At the same time, though, the admin panel had a complex configuration system. its design should be as intuitive as possible.

Main goals:

  • Provide a client with a reliable and easy-to-use SaaS platform
  • Present a comprehensive admin panel
  • Deliver an advanced notification system through the entire platform
  • Ensure automatic calculations to determine the volume of products to ship
  • Provide email sending and receiving
  • Create an informative landing page
  • Establish smooth collaboration and functioning
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

The major challenge was determining the scope for an MVP version of this complex SaaS platform combining two complicated domains. The first one was logistics, which had an extensive system managing the processes of choosing and obtaining goods, concluding deals, and checking the compliance with Incoterms and other legal documents. The second one included specific agricultural commodities and mechanisms, which required deep knowledge of this economic sector and its features. Our team had to dig into numerous agricultural species, their peculiarities, and the issue of what loading, shipping and legal standards and limitations had to be applied to certain agricultural commodities. Also, we had to develop an admin panel with advanced settings to configure for the platform’s versatile needs, such as searching for buyers and sellers or managing Incoterms and types of packaging and delivery. Despite all difficulties, we succeeded in these daunting tasks owing to our professionals, especially a team member who led this project and had a background and commercial experience in international logistics. The entire team enjoyed the working process and communication with the client.

Core Functionality:

  • Easy registration
  • Available commodities searching and filtering
  • Comprehensive request creation
  • Integrated emailing functionalities
  • Configurable notification system
  • Large-scale Logistics System
  • Admin panel for extensive management
Core Functionality:


Our team created a SaaS platform connecting potential buyers and sellers of the agricultural sector. The system manages users, agricultural commodities, trades, and other sensitive data. It is entirely safe and reliable. We built an algorithm in which counterparties could quickly and easily make a deal without fear of losing confidential information, being deceived, and not meeting international laws.

The application is a marketplace for participants from all over the world, so it has sophisticated notification and trading systems and an admin panel allowing administrators to manage lots, requests, bids, auctions, trades, available delivery types and Incoterms, as well as to support customers 24/7, and others.

The platform also automatically calculates the volume of products to ship based on the load standards, restrictions, and limitations. All trades are carried out according to international laws with confirmation of the transaction.

We provided a solution that guarantees efficiency, reliability, and transparency in agricultural commodities trading.


  • Advanced SaaS platform for agro suppliers and buyers
  • Custom interface architecture that boosts agro trading efficiency
  • Integrated emailing and other functionalities
  • Automated calculation processing
  • Optimized trade and deal management system
  • Sophisticated but comprehensive admin panel

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