A simple, helpful, and aesthetically pleasing web marketplace for luxury car rental services in the UK

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  • QA
  • Web Development

Project description

This website was the second project we created for the client. The website is a marketplace where luxury car rental services can additionally present their cars available for rent in different cities across the UK. Even though it was a simple rental and eCommerce website, its functioning had to be flawless to satisfy the needs of the demanding target audience and ensure data privacy. Users don’t need to sign up and log in to view available cars. However, if they want to book a car, they need to register and fill their personal profile with important information, such as name, contact information, driver’s license, insurance, history of traffic accidents and tickets, etc. The system automatically calculates the price based on this information. The website is mobile-friendly, so users can rent a vehicle using their smartphone.

Industry: Car Rental, eCommerce
Platforms: Web
Role: Software developer
Tech Stack: Yii2, Angular, MySQL

Problem introduction

Our client wanted to create a place where various car rental services can collaborate and show their luxury vehicles for rent. At the same time, the client wanted to give the UK citizens a convenient digital place where they can see a wide range of representative cars and book one in just a few clicks.

Main goals

  • Create internal and external website architecture
  • Develop the logic for website functionality and database architecture
  • Integrate Stripe payment system
  • Deliver search, booking, and cancellation functionality
  • Ensure a mobile-friendly interface
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

Even though the system has complex payment logic, this project was a pleasure to work on for the entire team. We offered our client multiple suggestions that would make the platform even better, and the client accepted the vast majority of them.

Core Functionality:

  • Car search and filtering
  • Car booking and cancellation
  • Automated individual price calculation (based on the user’s insurance, previous traffic tickets and accidents, and other information)
  • In-app payments
Core Functionality:


We created a web marketplace that is a platform for several representative car rental services in the United Kingdom and their target audience. Users can browse all available vehicles or narrow the results using a search filter (by the vehicle class, city, time period, etc.).


Once a user finds an available vehicle they’d like to rent, they can book it, and the Stripe payment system automatically takes the necessary amount of money (for booking) from the specified card. The system individually calculates the price for each vehicle and every user based on the information in personal accounts (insurance, traffic tickets, and so on).


In addition to the website’s technical implementation, we put it on the internet and made sure that all functionalities and features work flawlessly.


  • A marketplace where the UK citizens can book and rent luxury cars
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • In-app payments
  • Car booking and cancellation
  • Individual price calculation

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