My Pocket Therapist

An advanced online counseling web and iOS platform that connects professional therapists in the UK with their patients

  • Business Analysis
  • DevOps services
  • Mobile Development
  • MVP
  • QA
  • UI/UX design
  • Web Development
My Pocket Therapist

Project description

We created an advanced and convenient platform where UK citizens looking for professional therapists can find them, select the one specializing in their specific issue, book appointments, and have live video sessions. The patient-side system allows the users to view all therapists, search them by tags, add to favorites, view specialist’s video introduction and information on their experience, license, association membership, etc. Patients can book and cancel sessions, view their session schedule and history, edit personal and payment information, leave feedback, etc. The therapist-side system allows these specialists to create extensive profiles, accept, reject, and cancel appointments, create their schedules, receive payments, and have live video sessions with patients.

Industry: Healthcare
Platforms: Web, Mobile
Role: Software developer, IT consultant
Tech Stack: Node.js, TypeScript, React, Swift, WordPress, MongoDB, AWS, Stripe, Twilio, Sendgrid, Firebase

Problem introduction

Our client wanted to build an online counseling platform that would include web solutions like an admin panel and landing page and a mobile application for iPhone devices that both therapists and patients can use. The client came to us with an idea for the platform and used our experience in software development and testing as well as our expertise in business analytics, UI/UX design, and other fields required for creating a functional and profitable business product. The system had to be intuitive for all users, so therapists and patients had no difficulties collaborating with each other. To make sure people receive high-quality services from the therapists, the client requested an admin panel with information that includes feedback from patients and specialists, the number of sessions approved, rejected, and canceled by each therapist, session cancellation reasons, etc.

Main goals

  • Create a convenient service for therapists and their patients
  • Integrate live session, payment, sending email and SMS, and analytics functionality
  • Cover the iOS platform with a high-performance native solution
  • Ensure specialist moderation and video session security
  • Provide secure video sessions so no one can join them except a therapist and their patient
  • Deliver the platform that includes a mobile app, web system for therapists, admin panel, and landing page within less than six months
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

The main project challenge was making the platform automatically calculate the free time of therapists for scheduling and booking functionality. Therapists set their working days and hours. When a patient books a session and the therapist approves it, the system has to immediately eliminate this time from the available choices so other patients cannot select the same time. Each session on the platform lasts 50 minutes, which required additional calculations from the development and testing team. Short deadlines are among the most common challenges for many software development teams. We had only two months to deliver the MVP version of My Pocket Therapist, including business analytics, design, and the challenging calculation, which is a core app functionality. Overcoming both challenges was one of the most pleasant parts of this project. Now, the United Kingdom citizens can enjoy a highly convenient platform for having safe sessions with local professional therapists.

Core Functionality:

  • Encrypted live therapist-patient sessions
  • Searching therapists by specialization
  • Advanced booking and scheduling
  • Automated payment transactions (from patients, to therapists)
  • Convenient switching between patient and therapist accounts
  • Widget schedule visualization for therapists
  • Integrated analytics
  • Notifications (30 min, 10 min, and 1 min before each video session)
  • Convenient appointment cancellation logic and functionality
  • User payment information editing
Core Functionality:


The UK citizens who require therapist assistance can use the My Pocket Therapist app developed for the iOS platform to find specialists, view their personal and professional info, book appointments with selected specialists, and have live video sessions. The system includes a native mobile app for patients and specialists, a web system for therapists, a landing page, and an admin panel for the platform owner to view info on the number of patients and therapists registered, income, and various charts.


Therapists who want to use the app also as patients don’t have to install the additional application because of the convenient switching between accounts functionality.


The entire platform was created from scratch within even less than six months, including research and business analysis. My Pocket Therapist has several integrations for payment, emailing, video therapist-patient communication, analytics, and other essential processes.


  • Advanced online counseling platform for professional therapists and their patients
  • Mobile app with high-quality iOS gadget functionality integration
  • Informative landing page
  • Advanced therapist appointment booking
  • Encrypted therapist-patient video sessions
  • Integrated payment, video sessions, emailing, and other functionalities
  • Complex platform created from scratch and released within less than 6 months

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