A well-being platform helping people worldwide keep their minds and bodies healthy.

  • DevOps services
  • QA
  • Web Development

Project description

Theraheal is a mobile application for clients to harmonize various critical elements of life. It assists in modifying daily schedules, adopting a healthier diet, participating in exercise routines, practicing mindfulness meditation, and seeking expert advice during challenging times. By incorporating these straightforward activities, individuals can improve their sleep, increase productivity, enhance physical fitness, elevate self-confidence, alleviate anxiety, manage stress, and gradually enhance their overall well-being. The SpaceIT team handled the following tasks: cloud infrastructure, back-end development, and administration panel implementation.

Industry: Healthcare, Mobile Health
Platforms: Mobile
Role: Project management, Back-end development, Admin Panel, Front-end development, QA, DevOps
Tech Stack: Angular.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS Route53/ELB/EC2/RDS/S3/Cloudfront

Problem introduction

Excluding the trivial API and Admin development tasks, the client required several specific and interesting features like the app to handle high volumes of traffic and data, with an automatically scalable back-end capable of distributing the load as required. The customer also wanted all administrative tools to be accessible from a single location, including CMS, user management, a dashboard with charts and aggregated data, and accounting information. The default full report of Apple subscriptions available within the Apple Developer Dashboard was insufficient for the client, so they requested the integration of the full transaction log using the App Store Server API and the ability to export it as a table in .csv format within the admin panel. Also one of the objectives for the app was to have the capability to analyze user emotional states, assist in setting goals, and provide recommendations for actions such as viewing videos and images, reading instructions, doing exercises, and listening to background music to improve overall mood and well-being. To achieve this, the Admin Panel needed to be regularly updated with various types of content including text surveys, categories and filters, text instructions, images, audio files for meditations, videos with exercise guidance, and more.

Main goals

  • To create a well-being platform that supports people worldwide in maintaining a healthy mind and body through meditations and workouts.
  • To integrate a mood tracker and questionnaires that includes a journaling feature, enabling users to track their well-being progress and mood changes over time.
  • To incorporate suitable music and sounds with each meditation to facilitate inner peace and clarity of mind.
  • To provide detailed instructions and video guides to ensure users have a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s features and how to use them effectively.
  • To introduce a mobile application and admin panel, which includes building APIs for both and creating an admin panel UI based on the provided design.
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

The SpaceIT team encountered a couple of tech challenges that we overcame successfully. The first one was related to monitoring end-customers’ App Store transactions from our server. We faced an intermittent issue between the Apple subscription and the webhook, but our responsible QA engineer identified and reported the bug before the product launch. We implemented a workaround to ensure that the data was synced correctly and the database had the latest records. The second challenge was related to handling advanced edge cases with in-app-subscriptions more gracefully. Although Apple manages the in-app subscriptions feature under the hood, some cases weren’t covered by Apple out of the box. We had to implement the respective back-end logic to handle the client’s requirements, such as limiting the number of active devices in use within a single subscription, compensating funds if the customer used a new AppleID but purchased a subscription from another account in the past, and canceling and compensating amount if the same customer accidentally purchased two subscriptions from two AppleIDs. We managed to overcome these challenges by implementing solid approaches that ensured the smooth functioning of the application logic.

Core functionality

  • Cloud service for Video, audio, and image processing
  • Admin panel API and Mobile app API
  • Integrated emailing
  • Push notification system
  • In-app payments and integration with App Store Server API for monitoring transactions
  • Custom Admin Panel Interface: Dashboard (Analytics, aggregated data, and charts) Back-office (User management, Feedback management, and Accounting) CMS (text and media content management – video, audio, images)
Core functionality


The SpaceIT team was able to successfully deliver a robust and efficient back-end solution for our client’s platform. We were able to build tailored decisions that met their specific needs. Our responsibilities included transmitting business logic to the application logic, planning and creating a reliable and efficient back-end architecture, building APIs for the mobile application and admin panel, configuring secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, and providing testing and quality assurance. The final product was a landing page and iOS mobile application that seamlessly communicated with the back-end, providing users with a smooth and seamless experience. Our team’s efforts helped to ensure the platform was thoroughly tested and of the highest quality, resulting in a successful project for our client.


  • The final product was presented to users as a landing page and iOS mobile application (all the business logic was built on the back end.)
  • Сreated a secure and scalable app that can handle high loads and data, enabling the back-end to auto-scale and balance loads.
  • Implemented the feature of logging App Store transactions within the Admin Panel.
  • Implemented in-app subscriptions, handling advanced edge cases.
  • Delivered an advanced admin panel

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