Comarch e-Sale

Comarch e-Sale is an easy-to-use application through which you can list your products on popular auction sites from the assortment available in the Comarch ERP system. It is a simple solution that meets the needs of both companies taking their first steps in e-commerce and experienced e-Commerce sellers.

Why is it worth using Comarch e-Sale?

You set up and manage a new sales channel. It is a quick and easy way to list your products directly from the ERP system to the most popular shopping websites on the Internet.

Here’s what you get:

  • Possibility of integration with Allegro and eBay websites (,,, and, and soon with Amazon.
  • Easy and quick addition of products.
  • Manage multiple auctions or bids posted on different auction sites in one place.
  • The ability to use auction templates, which will facilitate and speed up the process of listing auctions on the auction site.
  • Controlling the stock of products on the auction.
  • Automatic download of transactions from the auction site, which are then converted into orders.
  • Downloading order fulfillment statuses from the ERP system and sending them to the auction site.
  • Possibility of executing orders from Allegro using InPost parcel lockers.
  • Maintaining the status of a Super Seller on Allegro by sending a bill of lading.

Integration with is currently the leader in terms of the number of users and views among sales platforms in Poland. About 3.5 million Internet users visit this portal daily.

Comarch e-Sale is a convenient tool for trading on Allegro, thanks to which you will be able to list an unlimited number of auctions and automatically generate orders. If you want to use this integration, you must have an account on the platform.

Integration with

See for yourself how easy it is to start selling with us in a place where millions of Internet users are waiting for you. eBay is a website operating locally in 14 countries around the world, as well as having its own international platform. Thanks to the integration of Comarch e-Sale with eBay, you can sell on foreign websites of this platform and expand your sales beyond the borders of our country.

With us you will learn how to set up an account on the website, link it to our application and start listing auctions directly from the eSale management panel. You will also learn the mechanism of fulfilling orders flowing from eBay.

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