Comarch e-Sklep

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Ecosystem for e-commerce - integration with Comarch ERP

The Comarch e-Sklep platform consists of two applications:

  • Comarch ERP system
  • Comarch e-Sklep application

Comarch e-Sklep provides a wide range of possibilities thanks to integration with the following systems: Comarch ERP XT, Comarch ERP Optima, Comarch ERP XL. The solutions create a compact ecosystem that allows you to handle all commercial processes (from creating a product base, through effective sales, to invoicing and shipping).

The most important business processes are managed from the level of the Comarch ERP system integrated with Comarch e-Shop via the data exchange interface. The Comarch ERP system in the context of e-commerce is responsible for:

  • commodity base management,
  • inventory management,
  • order processing,
  • customer database management,
  • logistics operations, including integration with couriers, Poczta Polska, Paczkomaty and other suppliers,
  • integration with wholesalers and product databases.

Flexible sales strategy with e-Sklep

The Comarch e-Sklep application is a web terminal where the interaction with the customer takes place. It consists of two areas: front-end (website available to customers) and back-end (administration panel available to the seller, where all website settings are configured and from which communication with customers is conducted).

The online store (website) presents goods, stock levels and any content configured by the store staff. Orders placed are stored in the administration panel and, in the course of synchronization, transferred to the ERP system, where they are further handled. The number of online stores integrated with the ERP system within the same platform can be any number, while each store, thanks to its own database, can contain a separate product database, content, and its own layout. This solution makes it possible to run a multi-store strategy supported by one central system managing a common database of goods, stocks, contractors and their orders.

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