Comarch ERP XL – a system with rich functionality. Full and cross-sectional business analyzes available in the form of clear charts. Always at hand anywhere via mobile devices. They fully cooperate with all modules. The optimal configuration and number of modules is selected on the basis of a thorough analysis of the needs and specificity of the company's operation. Thanks to the possibility of free expansion by new areas along with the development of the enterprise, Comarch ERP XL is the most frequently purchased ERP class system in Poland, which is currently used by over 5,500 enterprises from various industries.

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Trade and distribution

Warehouse management

Finances and accounting

Reports and analysis

Processes and document circulation

Automation of shipments

Online sales

HR and Payroll

The secret to the success of the Comarch XL system

If you are wondering why this solution has become the most popular large IT system in Polish enterprises, you will surely find the answer on our website. Although it is complex and extensive, just like this ERP class system. It owes its success to a large extent to its constant development by the manufacturer. That is why today it is a tool with very large functional possibilities. It is worth noting that this system is also constantly and on an ongoing basis adapted to the changing legal regulations and developed with further, fully integrated applications. To sum up, all these factors contribute to high customer satisfaction and the fact that they continue to choose it more and more often. See for yourself what this solution can do. Contact us today!

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