CRM and Service

Comarch ERP Optima CRM is a module enabling the user to plan the channels of communication with customers, keep a record of completed meetings and phone calls, assign employees with tasks, and handle the process of debt collection. Data collected in the module facilitate maintaining the good order of marketing or sales activities. It enables quick and easy filtering and analysis of data, current control of task completion stages, and adjustment of activities to the needs/requirements of specific customers/vendors. Comarch ERP Optima CRM saves you precious time and makes relations with your clients more effective

The functionalities of CRM Module include:

  • the registration of communication with clients (client, date, person handling a conversation, description and time of conversation, etc.), as well as the scheduling of tasks, registration of completed activities, and automatic generation of task reminders
  • recurring invoices – the automatic generation of a number of invoices for several entities
  • handling a company message box (email/e-messages)
  • surveys for both customers/clients and employees
  • preparing and handling trade offers

Additionally, CRM Plus module contains:

A mechanism for automatic debt collection and a possibility to create questionnaires.

As part of the debt collection process, it is possible to:

  • send emails automatically to inform customers about outstanding payments
  • create contacts or CRM tasks related to such customers
  • generate and send electronic payment reminders and messages informing about outstanding receivables
  • block sales


The CRM Plus module makes it possible to gain additional information and opinions directly from customers. A universal form enables the creation of templates for interviews, designed according to users needs.

Comarch ERP Optima Service

Comarch ERP Optima Service is directed to service-oriented companies, and firms that repair sold items. The Comarch ERP Optima Service module may cooperate with Comarch ERP Optima Invoices and with the warehouse module Comarch ERP Optima.

  • Trade/Trade Plus (with regard to collecting parts from a warehouse).
  • The module makes it possible to:
  • Create service orders and generate trade/warehouse documents on their basis
  • Create recurring orders on the basis of a template – orders may be generated either manually or automatically
  • Plan and add service actions to a calendar

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