Streamline work in the company thanks to the DMS system by automating business processes and document circulation. Flexible configuration of processes within the built-in low-code platform allows the system to be easily adapted to the needs of each company, and the ability to work from mobile devices makes all documents and tasks available at hand from anywhere. Forget about paper and unclear procedures and ensure effective work in the company thanks to Comarch DMS.

Properties and components of Comarch DMS

DMS enables not only the flow of documents, but also affects the efficiency and effectiveness of many other processes in various business areas of the company.

Faster invoicing with OCR

Comarch DMS enables optimization of the invoice entry process thanks to the Comarch OCR service. Document data is automatically recognized and put into circulation by the latest technologies based on artificial intelligence algorithms (AI/ML), which on the one hand will speed up this process and, on the other hand, will reduce the number of potential errors.

Importantly, Comarch DMS has functions that enable invoice processing regardless of how they are received: Data processing based on photos taken in the mobile application

Automatic download of scanned documents from directories

Direct connection to the scanner

Downloading attachments from emails

Mobile document workflow

Working with company documents and tasks thanks to Comarch DMS is possible from anywhere, which allows you to avoid unnecessary delays in the process. Regardless of whether the employee is in the office, working remotely or on a train during a business trip, the system provides him with constant access to information thanks to the ability to work on one of 4 platforms: Desktop application

Web browser

iOS application

Android application

Extensive access options allow those responsible for a given step of the process to accept and reject a document, complete the necessary data or enter completely new documents, regardless of the device they use.

Analysis of implemented processes

Information about current and archival documents and tasks is available to users from a clear list of documents. An extension of this information is the built-in reporting module, which allows you to present data in the form of tables, diagrams and charts. Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly analyze both aggregate and global information as well as detailed statements on specific cases.

As part of standard reports, information about overdue tasks or the number of documents broken down by employees and stages is available. In addition, the system has a built-in report creator, where you can prepare any own statements, e.g. unfinished invoices from the previous month for VAT purposes.

Cooperation with ERP systems

Electronic document circulation is very often an extension of the classic ERP system. Comarch DMS can both supplement standard processes and support work in areas that go beyond the classic ERP scope without the need to purchase specialized, dedicated systems.

The solution is part of the Comarch ERP 4.0 offer, therefore cooperation with Comarch ERP Optima, XL, Enterprise and Altum systems is a standard element of Comarch DMS. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid problematic installation, configuration or data synchronization in favor of direct cooperation of modules in online mode. Using the same data dictionaries (e.g. contractors, goods) or generating processed documents for ERP, it is possible to ensure data consistency without unnecessary duplication and rewriting of information. In addition, wide configuration options allow for easy expansion of cooperation on the DMS-ERP line.

Comarch DMS can also cooperate with external solutions as part of the Standalone version.

Automation and robotization of processes

The Comarch DMS system allows you to optimize and automate work within the electronic circulation of documents and processes. Starting from the automatic entry and completion of invoices by the Comarch OCR service, through artificial intelligence mechanisms suggesting the next steps in the process, ending with the automatic transfer of documents to the next stages. A wide range of functionalities together with flexibility and application of company rules mean that only necessary actions are performed in the system, omitting redundant steps.

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