Finances and accounting

The finance and accounting area is much more than just obligatory record-keeping of business events. With Comarch ERP XL, you gain a tool that enables comprehensive analysis of the entire company's situation based on financial and accounting data.

Accounting services in accordance with applicable regulations

  • Compliance with the Accounting Act and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – ongoing adaptation of the system to changing regulations
  • Flexible, multi-level chart of accounts created manually or with the help of a creator
  • Quick search for accounts by various criteria
  • Full accounting service in the form of partial journals grouping economic transactions of a given type
  • Preliminary entry of accounting records into so-called accounting buffers, where records are verified and can be modified
  • Easy access to source documents from the level of accounting records
  • Automated accounting – ‘intelligent’ accounting schemes recognizing the features of accounted documents and automatically making decrees
  • Mechanism of periodic accounting – relief from work related to cyclical accounting: monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.
  • Control of the correctness of decreeing – if the prepared summary decree does not balance, the user will be informed about this fact
  • Automatic preparation of mandatory reports and sets used for management purposes.

Cost monitoring

  • Easy cost analysis from different perspectives thanks to definable analytical dimensions (e.g. department, Cost Center, purpose, type of cost, project, contractor, location)
  • Control of any number of cost centers.

VAT pod kontrolą

  • Flexibility in defining and calculating VAT rates
  • Records allowing for the registration of VAT, determining tax liability in accordance with applicable regulations, and enabling the preparation of VAT returns
  • VAT register automatically created based on commercial documents entered into the system
  • Ability to enter VAT invoices in a simplified manner directly into the VAT registers
  • Handling of tax returns, such as VAT-7, VAT-UE, and others.

A wide range of payment methods

  • Support for multiple cash registers and bank accounts, in Polish złoty and other currencies
  • Possibility to use any number of payment forms and assign the appropriate cash register for each of them
  • Recording of transactions using payment cards, including recording of fees for card and terminal services
  • Integration with electronic banking – the ability to exchange data from the payment list and bank register with virtually any bank
  • Easy identification of the contractor during import of bank entries.

Managing cash flow

  • Effective reporting of receivables and payables, both for specific contractors and all entities that the company cooperates with.
  • Efficient matching of payments and documents – information on settlement of receivables and payables can be included in the system as settlements (matching an invoice document with a payment document) or as reconciliations (matching decrees resulting from the booking of an invoice and payment).
  • Possibility of partial settlement of receivables or payables.
  • Flexible issuance of compensations – recording of offsetting mutual receivables and payables resulting from sales and purchase documents within the same entity or between different entities (one- and multi-sided compensations).
  • Support for ensuring financial liquidity through efficient generation of reminders and interest notes, both individual and collective.

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