SpaceIT is a team of experienced specialists providing a wide range of services with quality assurance and ongoing support. We create digital solutions that meet the needs of the modern market and optimize the internal processes in the client's company.


Mobile development

Bringing a business to the online market is gaining popularity among modern startups. The main advantages of digitalization are increased sales, awareness, user loyalty, and management simplicity. SpaceIT offers a full development cycle of mobile applications for companies and their clients.

We provide work with IOS and Android operating systems and cross-platform solutions. SpaceIT engineers have extensive experience working with mobile apps, so we will create a convenient and functional platform of any complexity. Our experts can analyze your idea and turn it into competitive software with enhanced security. SpaceIT team appreciates customers' trust and provides complete reporting on the work. The clients can count on daily feedback and quality assurance at every stage of development.

Main advantages:

Apps for Android Solutions For IOS Cross-platform applications

Web development

In the period of universal digitalization, businesses are doing their best to improve the quality of service and increase awareness on the Internet. SpaceIT helps startups and established companies take their place in the online market and stand out from competitors. With extensive experience in web development, our engineers create reliable and secure platforms, understanding the individual user's needs in each niche.

We create websites adapted to consumers with advanced security, functionality, and convenience depending on the project's requirements. SpaceIT team will provide a full development cycle: from business analysis to scaling. Our developers will integrate the latest technologies into your project, which will help you gain an advantage in the business environment.

Main advantages:

Front-end development Back-end development Single-Page Application

UX/UI design

The convenient and impressive design is the key to the company's rapid growth and increased conversion on the website. You have only one chance to impress and motivate a customer to buy — so the importance of design cannot be overemphasized.

SpaceIT develops an individual user retention strategy for each client, thanks to a detailed functional features software analysis. UI/UX specialists do not just create a bright picture but think through the image of the customer's company, increasing its influence on the buyer's actions.

Our design team has experience in various industries and knows your audience's needs. Tell us about your idea, and we will find the perfect solution for your product that will exceed all expectations and will be remembered by the client among thousands of others.

Main advantages:

Product design UI/UX design Visual identity

Quality Assurance

Testing guarantees software high quality and reliability. Before releasing a product, the team needs to ensure that every component functions without errors. Bugs instill consumer distrust in the brand, so the app's profitability depends on constant monitoring.

SpaceIT uses the best testing systems that find hard-to-find bugs. Our services range includes code quality control and automated and integration testing. Regardless of the project timing, QA engineers check the software at all levels, ensuring a quick and safe entry to the market. With our modern technologies, we protect customers from unexpected post-release emergency costs. SpaceIT specialists will be involved in your project from the beginning. They will create test scenarios to check the result and predict possible errors before they appear. Our team strenuously works on software quality and can assure clients of the reliability of our solutions.

Main advantages:

Analysis and (re)design Software testing Monitoring and improvement

MVP Creation

Our SpaceIT team suggests customers start development with a minimum viable product. This action helps test the idea's profitability and draw conclusions about its further scaling. We create an MVP with core features that make up the main part of the product so that our customers get the result immediately after the release. Thanks to this, you will introduce your business to the market, attract first buyers, and can demonstrate the app to potential investors. You can continue developing the software based on real customer feedback and wishes if you get the expected reaction.

SpaceIT is always ready to listen to your idea and find the best solution for a quick launch. We have experience in 10+ industries, so we will develop an MVP that solves your audience's problems.

Main advantages:

Industry analysis MVP development and testing Monitoring and improvement

Legacy Code Modernization

For the software to function correctly, even after many years of use, it needs to be updated regularly. Lack of maintenance can lead to system crashes, slow data loading, and poor user experience. SpaceIT helps online businesses improve the quality of their apps by increasing customer engagement.

With years of experience in code modernization, our team evaluates legacy software, analyzes areas for improvement, and develops codebase change strategies. SpaceIT aims to ensure that our customers keep up with modern technologies and use them to improve the user experience. Tell us about your product, and our best specialists will suggest ways to modernize it.

Main advantages:

Code Refactoring Stack Update System Modernization

Business Analytics

Many companies invest in innovative and modern products, but not all of them will be successful. Product success depends not on the business budget but on deep analytics that will help to learn more about the market. Analytics help businesses understand the strengths and weaknesses of their services, which will help to modernize them at any stage.

SpaceIT offers its clients business analysis, which involves experienced professionals. Our team regularly inspects market and competitor analyses for our clients. We contribute to product development, work process optimization, and increase the proposal's value.

SpaceIT will package your idea and tell you how to make it desirable in the buyer's perception.

Main advantages:

Business analyst consultation Problems analysis and solutions search Implementation support

IT Staffing

SpaceIT has been helping businesses worldwide implement digital technologies for many years. Since, in the last few years, companies have increased the need for IT personnel for individual projects, our team has provided an opportunity for clients to use outstaff to develop or scale their software. We have 250+ experienced professionals ready to take on your project's tasks and free up your time. SpaceIT provides experts in various fields: from business analysts to QA engineers. Tell us about your product, and we will select the best staff with relevant experience.

Main advantages:

Business consulting IT staff presentation Support and results verification

Ecommerce Consulting

The first results from an e-commerce solution can be obtained quickly, but it takes a lot of work to achieve the planned goals. E-commerce software is essential, as well as a detailed strategy and improved user experience.

SpaceIT helps companies to use the full potential of e-commerce: from digitalization to the implementation of the connections between the manufacturer and the buyer. Our specialists will help automate processes, select and implement an effective payment system and increase productivity. We take an integrated approach to developing e-commerce platforms and implement innovative technologies based on the needs of our customers.

Main advantages:

Market and competitor analysis Strategy development Technical implementation and support

Business Consulting

Business consulting is an effective solution for companies that have problems with internal processes and strategies. If you need help adapting to market dynamics and competitiveness, SpaceIT tools will help you optimize your work.

Our business consultants are experienced professionals who can manage complex projects. Each specialist closely monitors innovative solutions and implements them in clients' businesses. With our services, you receive advice on solving business problems and help with their implementation in your processes. Talk to us about your company's issues and we will not only find the best solution but also instruct you on how to avoid mistakes in the future.

Main advantages:

Growth strategies development Competitors and customer needs analysis Solving internal company issues

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