Trade and distribution

With the Comarch ERP XL system, you gain full support for processes in the area of trade and distribution, both from the sales side (execution of transactions, many available sales channels, service via the retail network) and from the purchasing side (management of purchase processes and documents). Thanks to the CRM solution available as part of Comarch ERP XL, you can freely build your own customer knowledge base and conduct orderly activities of various types to them.

Various sales scenarios

  • Handling all kinds of domestic and foreign commercial transactions, including specific ones (including tax free, scrap trading, trading in licensed goods, handling deposits)
  • Flexible price and discount management
  • Creating extensive mechanisms for calculating promotions of various types
  • Constant control over contractors’ credit limits and effective payment management tools
  • Freely defining substitutes for individual assortment items and creating sets
  • Simple execution of sales at the cash desk thanks to the application designed for sellers working on touch screens
  • Effective after-sales service – records and processing of complaints, automatic corrections and effective handling of the return of goods

From inquiry to invoice

  • Guarantee of execution of processes related to handling orders in accordance with the standards of quality systems (design based on the ISO standard), starting from the registration of the inquiry, offer, and then the order, which is the source of the invoice
  • Smooth work on documents as part of one purchasing, sales or purchase and sales process thanks to the ability to process documents (information common to individual documents is transferred automatically, which saves the employee’s time)
  • Ability to create multi-variant sales offers and convenient record of offers from suppliers
  • Recording purchase orders, sales orders and internal orders for multi-site companies
  • Constant control of stock levels, taking into account standards (minimum and optimal stock levels)
  • Ensuring the availability of the ordered assortment thanks to the possibility of booking goods in the warehouse at the time of order acceptance
  • Easy order management – the ability to optimize according to various criteria, e.g. the lowest price, the shortest delivery time, the minimum number of suppliers; ordered resources can be immediately automatically assigned to orders of recipients waiting for a given product
  • Ability to issue advance invoices for orders.

Free circulation of goods from abroad

  • Generation of basic documents for recording foreign purchases, e.g.
  • Purchase Order, Import Invoice, SAD, Internal Invoice, External Receipt
  • Full support for foreign purchases, both intra-Community purchases and imports from outside the European Union
  • Service of customs warehouse, e.g. procedures 7100, 4071 and registration of SAD documents,
  • Calculation of fees due (duty, VAT, excise duty) Intrastat declarations

CRM - creating a database about customers

  • Full historicity of all kinds of contacts with customers, from a phone call or email, through contact via instant messenger, to a traditional meeting
  • Automatic archiving of e-mail correspondence through integration with MS Outlook
  • Access to knowledge about contractors via a web browser
  • Possibility of collecting and analyzing information from the market (customer preferences, product opinions, evaluation of cooperation, etc.), e.g. by means of surveys that can be carried out as part of visits, telemarketing campaigns or other activities
  • Effective analysis of customer information using Business Intelligence reports.

Managing the work of sales teams

  • Effective planning and constant supervision over the implementation of tasks of marketing and sales employees, as well as other departments in the company,
  • Clear definition of duties – the possibility of dividing sales structures into regions, indicating persons responsible for contractors in these regions,
  • Managing the work of mobile sales representatives – planning trade visits and activities that should be carried out during them, analyzing the results of sales representatives’ work, monitoring travel routes using the Comarch Mobile Management application,
  • Guarantee of proper flow of information thanks to automatic reminders and the use of schedules for planning tasks,
  • Creating sales assumptions (sales plans) and analyzing their implementation, both at the level of the entire company and sales areas assigned to specific supervisors,
  • Possibility to verify the display of goods in stores using photographic documentation (merchandising), prepare a report on the presence of own goods and/or competitors’ goods in the store, or record the share of own goods in the entire rack (facing) – data from the field are collected by sales representatives from using the Comarch Mobile Sales application.

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