The platform is an intuitive website with numerous facilities for sellers. By joining the marketplace, you can e.g. add your store's logo to the list of offers free of charge or participate in marketing campaigns and projects.

Meet the new version of the marketplace

Years of experience and a team of IT and sales professionals have allowed Comarch to create an easy-to-use platform with modern functionalities. They will listen to the needs of users, implementing new novelties on the website.

You don't share the profit

Unlike most sales platforms, you don’t care about fees here. You do not pay the operator a commission on sales on What’s more, the lack of a subscription to the portal allows you to transparently plan your business – it becomes easier to forecast future profit.

Feel free

Thanks to the intuitive interface, everything is where it should be. You can conveniently click through the pages, set the necessary parameters and edit offers. Thus, preparing sales is easy and express.

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