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Python (Django/FastApi)

Python is an object-oriented and high-level programming language with dynamic semantics created by Guido Van Rossum and was first released in February 1991. Due to the greater productivity it offers, programmers can produce logical and unambiguous scripts for small- and large-scale projects more quickly, thanks to the language's design and the goal of the object's intended approach.

Python's primary benefits are its flexibility, straightforward syntax, PEP, interpretability, user-friendly data structures, easy integration with other programming languages, and vast support libraries. It also has a sizable community and is open source and freely available. As a result, Python is among the most popular and rapidly expanding languages in use today.

Python developers regularly employ Python frameworks, with Django and FastApi being the most popular choices. They are ideal for microservices-based applications, big data analysis platforms, email systems, highly customizable apps like social networking websites, asynchrony projects, and projects prioritizing performance, documentation, and validation.

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PHP (Laravel)

Developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, PHP is a server-side, all-purpose, and cross-platform programming language. Its benefits for web development are numerous and include many accessible facilities such as open source, simplicity, high speed, stability, and good community support. On account of server-side and command-line scripting, it can be used to create dynamic websites or web apps and execute administrative functions. According to the most recent research, more than 70% of websites use PHP, making it one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages.

It can be used for various projects starting from low-traffic applications to those that will grow and scale. It is well suited for web development and creating dynamic web pages for web applications, eCommerce, CRM and CMS apps, forum software, e-learning platforms, and database applications. It is regarded as one of the friendliest languages capable of connecting with various databases.

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The Chrome V8 engine-based open-source JavaScript framework NodeJS enables programmers to create server code for dynamic web pages, web applications, and command-line applications. It offers a quick and well-organized synchronization process, a wide variety of packages, Node modules - the lightweight Javascript that powers NodeJS features - and excellent performance. Developers of NodeJS can bundle their libraries and solutions into modules that NPM users can install.

It distinguishes itself from rivals with a sizable online community, the capacity to create cross-platform applications, the ability to function as a proxy server for the company, and its facilitation in improving app response time, boosting performance, and reducing loading time. Web apps and other services that require constant information interchange with users, such as chats, single-page applications, real-time collaboration tools, streaming applications, online text editors, and others, are created using NodeJS.

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WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems which helps quickly create a site and edit its content. It takes more web knowledge and expertise than cloud-based website builders and allows developers more flexibility over scripts. It has a template system and a plugin architecture that lets users personalize any website to meet all their demands. WordPress is available for free download from the official website, and it can be installed on any hosting that supports PHP and MySQL using a handy wizard in a web browser.

Business owners may quickly adopt a versatile solution with the help of custom WordPress development services. They can do various projects with this CMS, including business card websites, portfolios, Internet stores, job boards, marketplaces, blogs, landings, etc. Thus, it makes it easier for people to distribute written content and run an online store where a person can do anything they like, from selling goods and services to simply sharing business images and videos.

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Java is a strongly typed, general-purpose, robust, and object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems and first released in 1995. It is a quick, safe, and steady programming language that can be used for anything from mobile applications and business software to server technologies and apps with massive databases. It is ideal for game development, cloud computing, processing vast amounts of data, developing artificial intelligence applications, and programming sensors and peripheral hardware. Having its runtime environment and API, Java can also be called a platform.

Among the essential advantages of using this language, we highlight the following: high-quality and detailed learning resources, a rich ecosystem of built-in libraries and functions, strong Java community support and relatively frequent updates, platform independence that allows Java code to run on any platform, and a high level of security.

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.Net is a technology that enables the development and execution of Windows applications and web services as well as the sharing of namespaces, libraries, and APIs between different programming languages like C# and Visual C++. Microsoft first made it available in 2002 and switched to becoming a free and open-source platform in 2014. As a result, it is wide-used and popular among programmers worldwide now. A developer would need to construct a unique System for each programming language if there were no such thing as .Net. Automated code verification, the availability of Visual Studio, flexibility, ease of maintenance, an excellent built-in UI, and multiple platform design are some of the benefits of the.Net framework over its alternatives.

The range of products that require this framework to create is quite extensive and includes web development, mainly large-scale projects, the creation of client applications, computer games, Enterprise solutions, and IoT.

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