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Digitizing the entire food chain


Technology has rapidly crept into our lives, where food and drinks occupy the central place. They help fully automate the main processes in the food chain, from presenting the idea to expanding distribution. The offline food business gets a broader audience and the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by implementing digital solutions.

SpaceIT has expertise in building various FoodTech products from scratch, and we are eager to share our expertise with you. We will empower your business with client-oriented custom solutions and automate key operations.

Main advantages:

The increased level of customer loyalty Advanced operational efficiency Maximized business potential
Captivating people with amusing digital solutions


The entertainment niche concerns a broad scope of services related to pleasant sides of our life, such as music, drawing, tourism, gaming, sport, and many others. Digital applications and platforms enable pleasure and amusement creators to broaden their horizons and make their customers happier.

Our team offers extensive experience in creating outstanding and reliable entertainment solutions to accelerate business development and facilitate user experience. We are ready to provide simple or complex software based on your requirements.

Main advantages:

Enhanced customer reach Increased brand awareness Improved client retention
Establishing strong connections with people worldwide


Undoubtedly, shifting from offline to online selling has expanded market and business opportunities. And it's not just about companies; customers also prefer online shopping, which saves time and nerves. You can make your goods and services more robust and profitable with in-depth market analysis, which we are ready to conduct for you.

The skilled professionals of SpaceIT will improve your eCommerce business, making it more successful and flourishing. You will have a marketing advantage over your competitors by establishing a more comprehensive market presence due to the customized digital products.

Main advantages:

Customized shopping experience Easier and sufficient scalability Steadfast brand loyalty
Simplifying and saving lives with digital solutions


HealthTech is the main medical breakthrough aimed at enhancing the global health system and providing patients with high-quality services. Healthcare software solves two main problems: optimizing workflows at medical institutions and providing quality and improved services.

We can provide you with secure software products designed to improve staff management and patient care. We recognize the value of confidential patient data and guarantee a high level of security. We create our specialized products for businesses in the health sector in conformity with laws.

Main advantages:

Improved healthcare interoperability Advanced health services delivery Increased patient satisfaction and loyalty
Optimizing the learning experience


The 21st century has brought new and unique challenges for educational establishments worldwide. Not only do the new tech-savvy generation yearn to get high-tech learning experience, which includes active interaction with modern digital solutions, but they also had to learn how to survive in the Сovid and post-Сovid periods, completely changing the vector of teaching and learning processes.

Our education application developers skilled in EdTech are ready to offer you a wide range of software solutions, from simple e-learning apps to elaborate educational ecosystems. They also know how to update and increase the performance of the existing and operating digital solutions for education.

Main advantages:

Improved collaboration Personalized learning Expended students engagement
Facilitating meaningful online property experiences

Real Estate

A successful real estate company nowadays cannot be imagined without custom software that would streamline and improve its procedures. Such digital solutions greatly simplify all stages of working with property. A considerable number of businesses specializing in real estate operations have already boosted their customer satisfaction with these products.

SpaceIT has extensive experience developing solutions of varying complexity to improve customer experience, expand the client base, and optimize business processes.

Main advantages:

Enhanced user experience Sound brand engagement Sales optimization
Improving workflows and smoothing business process

Enterprise solutions

Every day, large organizations need to manage a vast number of internal and external operations, resolve issues at the domestic and international levels, and run information flows through various databases. Enterprise solutions are created precisely to facilitate and streamline the solution of such problems.

We enjoy working with both small companies and big enterprises. Whether a small project or a large-scale solution, our final product enhances and smooths your operational process, helps you cope with real-life challenges, and optimizes customer cooperation.

Main advantages:

Better competitiveness in the market Strengthened customer service Standardized business processes
Giving digital power to the hospitality sector


A growing number of industries worldwide is digitizing their flows and processes. The hospitality industry is not an exception. It has become challenging to succeed in the market and follow ever-changing customers’ needs without introducing a digital solution.

We provide diverse hospitality software to rationalize various aspects of business processes. Our solutions address every situation or demand. They can help your company improve the employee management system, optimize the process of communication with customers and partners, eliminate weak points, and many others.

Main advantages:

Streamlined processes Enhanced reporting and flexibility Time efficiency

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