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Native Ios (Swift)

Swift is a strong interactive programming language created by Apple for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It is a combination of many years of research into programming languages ​​and the experience of creating software by the Apple team.

Swift is a free and open-source language. Thanks to this, it has gathered a large community around itself. Swift developers are constantly improving the quality of the code, fixing bugs, and offering features to enhance the reliability of applications.

This programming language is known for its security, which reduces the number of critical scripts. Swift is a cross-platform solution with modern libraries and frameworks. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Uber, and many others have been using Swift as one of the main programming languages ​​for many years.

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Native android (Kotlin)

Kotlin is an open-source, statically typed programming language for JVM and Android. It is used to create cross-platform mobile applications with enhanced security. One of the best features of this language is compatibility with Java. Kotlin developers can use two languages and Java frameworks and libraries to create software. It helps engineers streamline workflows and accelerate app time to market.

Kotlin is universal for developing server-side and mobile applications. Developers prefer it for native development on any desktop and mobile platform. Google announced Kotlin as its main language for creating software on Android, and after that, applications such as Pinterest, Netflix, and Tinder began to use it widely.

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Google introduced Flutter as an open-source framework for building native Android and iOS apps from the same codebase. This cross-platform technology allows you to use one code for different operating systems. Thanks to this, development time is significantly reduced, and internal processes are optimized.

Flutter is a free technology that has built an active community of experienced developers around it. They help improve the framework by providing regular operational support. The advantage of Flutter is its own widgets from which engineers create a user interface. This feature guarantees high performance and improved user experience. Even though this framework was introduced in 2018, it is already popular among software developers for BMW, Alibaba-Xianyu, Google Pay, and others.

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React Native

React Native is a popular open-source Javascript framework for iOS, Android, and web solutions. It allows you to create applications on multiple platforms using the same codebase. React Native is developed by Facebook and based on React. This technology speeds up the software development process and has cheaper maintenance. Its cross-platform nature ensures code reuse for implementations on multiple resources.

React Native has built a huge community around itself that is working on simplifying the framework and solving possible problems. In addition to helping developers, Facebook is also improving React Native. This technology is used by business giants like Wix, Bloomberg, and Shopify. Its popularity is growing, which allows you to enhance coding at all levels.

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