No Relational DB

SpaceIT provides customers with modern solutions for storing large volumes of information with increased security. You can use databases with an optimized repository model for your specific storage needs. We guarantee fast data processing, instant access, and secure file management.

No Relational DB

Solr DB

Solr is an open-source Java-based data retrieval server. It simplifies the process of finding information and improves the search functions of sites. The Solr core allows you to index various data structures on the server and control how they reach the audience.

Today, Solr is one of the leading free technologies that has created a large community of developers around it from all over the world. Due to the massive volume of data presented on the Internet, the need for their safe storage and retrieval has increased. This solution will help to better interact with users and improve the internal processes of the software. You can perform administrative tasks and manage documents independently with a user-friendly and straightforward interface.

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Mongo DB

Mongo is a flexible open-source database used to store large amounts of information. It is related to NoSQL because Mongo does not store data in tables. This technology supports languages ​​such as C, C++, C#, Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, Motor, Ruby, Scala, Swift, and Mongoid, which allows you to create applications using any of these languages.

Information in Mongo is stored in the form of collections and documents related to each other. It provides high performance and scalability. Thanks to a convenient and understandable interface, the administrator can independently scale and distribute data on several servers. Mongo is such a popular framework that Facebook, eBay, Adobe, Google, and other big companies use it.

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Couchbase is an open-source distributed NoSQL document database. This flexible cloud solution delivers high performance and scalability for mobile and web applications. Couchbase supports serving multiple users simultaneously by processing, generating, and providing the requested information. It provides an improved user experience due to its fast response time.

Couchbase has gained popularity due to its increased security. Users maintain access control with a username and password, and sensitive data is protected during transmission to the client application. Couchbase is free for development and testing but has a paid subscription for a commercial user. This solution suits medium and large businesses that need a global database distribution.

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Wazuh is a flexible open-source solution designed to detect, prevent and respond to security threats. The system monitors the selected files and warns about changes to the information. As a result, it helps companies avoid costly remediation of corporate data breaches. Unlike its expensive competitors, Wazuh is free and allows users to scale.

As more and more businesses go digital, the question of cybersecurity comes into play. Wazuh is a powerful platform with all the necessary features for advanced data protection and risk management. This solution detects vulnerabilities, constantly monitors the integrity of files, and notifies the data owner of possible problems. Thus, your business will be protected from hackers and information leakage.

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