BI Point

At a time when data is becoming more and more valuable for entrepreneurs and their reliable analysis allows them to shape and develop their business, Business Intelligence solutions are a must in every company. By gathering all the analyzes in one place, Comarch BI Point is specific, cross-sectional knowledge about every area of the company's activity.

Data visualization

Convenient access to key information in your company

Fast access to information

Thanks to Comarch BI Point, it is very easy to create your own data analyzes from general to detailed and to explore existing visual patterns and connections.

Intuitive operation, the use of the drag&drop mechanism allows you to find non-obvious connections and hidden information.

Data visualization

Visualization of business data with the use of clear charts, tables, indicators, maps, or own diagrams, images is the main feature of Comarch BI Point. The user has many options to customize these elements, a choice of different types of charts, color palettes, number formatting, and more.

Advanced filters and the use of interactions allow for convenient work with data, as well as adjusting the scope of displayed business information, or controlling the time horizon of the analysis. BI Point allows you to create links and transfer batch parameters between individual elements. Quick and necessary information is also available thanks to attractive contextual reports.

Sales manager dashboard

Use your data to conduct analyses, advanced visualizations and create interactive dashboards using charts, maps and performance indicators.

Different types of data sources

The analyzes can use various types of data sources such as OLAP cubes, relational databases MSSQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL, as well as Excel and csv files. To create advanced analytical models, computable measures, or combine data with each other, you do not need to know about coding. Managing permissions to individual areas of the data model for individual users makes your data complete and properly secured.


Using the multi-source mechanism, it is possible to combine data from various sources using a visual wizard using the drag&drop mechanism.

BI point also allows you to create rules for combining data, advanced calculated measures, or your own data hierarchies. Creating a data processing schedule makes ready-made business analyzes available immediately, without the need to wait longer and burden source systems.

Geospatial visualizations

Comarch BI Point offers various maps for data visualization and the ability to create and use your own geographical areas to show, for example, points of sale or the area of ​​activity.

Data can be presented attractively and comprehensibly on own maps, e.g. by showing a diagram of a production line or a warehouse. As a result, data visualizations reflect the way your company works even better.

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