Audio Transcription Editor

Custom data scraping plugin and one advanced player for multiple purposes to optimize audio transcription editing and other processes

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Audio Transcription Editor

Project description

The platform makes it possible for any person to consult with experts in business, healthcare, and many other fields. Our task was to create the user-side of an advanced player for platform users and managers who edit consultation transcriptions. When the consultation on the platform is finished, the user gets its recording and transcription permanently so they can listen to it via the platform’s audio player again as many times as they want. The same player is also used by the managers who make sure the audio transcription automatically generated by the Google speech recognition tool is correct and has no misprinted words like names, titles, etc. Additionally, we created the server-side of the data scraping plugin that searches for emails of various top specialists who can become the consulting experts. The manager only needs to specify the area of expertise and the country so that the plugin can check LinkedIn and Google for the contact information of specific specialists. The plugin finds emails and puts them into the database so the system can automatically send invitation letters and collaboration proposals.

Industry: Education
Platforms: Web
Role: Software developer
Tech Stack: Python, React.js

Problem introduction

Our client needed a development team that could create and deliver custom player and data scraping plugin functionalities within a short deadline. The system required optimization in finding experts interested in consulting other users and in audio transcription editing processes. Among other requirements, the client requested to build the player functionality so that it could be one piece of software integrated into several places on the platform and serve different purposes. For instance, it had to be a tool for all platform users to listen to their recorded consulting sessions while the platform managers should have access to its extended functionality for editing audio transcriptions.

Main goals:

  • Optimize the work of audio transcription editors
  • Create one audio player functionality that can be used in several places on the platform
  • Build the back-end part of the data scraping plugin
  • Automate and optimize searching for experts to collaborate
  • Enhance platform efficiency for users and managers
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

Creating a custom player functionality was a bit challenging because we needed to build one player that could be integrated multiple times into the platform now and in the future. The player is already implemented in personal user accounts to listen to the recorded consulting numerous times. It is also integrated into the admin dashboard, so the managers who edit automatically generated audio transcriptions can optimize this process.

Core Functionality:

  • Plugin for expert email scraping on Linkedin and Google
  • Extended audio player functionality that allows editing transcriptions
  • One player functionality for different parts and purposes of the platform
Core Functionality:


As a result, we delivered a custom and convenient player that allows the editors to change audio speed, replace words in transcripts in one click (when the Google speech recognition tool fails to recognize some words correctly), etc., to perfect the quality of texts. This functionality is also convenient for the service owner because even though the player is presented in different parts of the platform, it is still one piece of software. Thus, when it needs upgrading or bug fixing, the client saves time and other resources on its future development, quality assurance, and maintenance.


To automate and optimize the process of seeking and reaching out to top experts in business, healthcare, legislation, and many other areas, we developed a data scraping plugin. This plugin boosted the speed and quality of finding top specialists willing to collaborate with the platform and share their expertise with other people.


  • Plugin and player delivered in 1+ month
  • One player that fits different purposes
  • The player that optimizes the transcript editing process
  • Player functionality that will require fewer resources on future changing or upgrading
  • Email collecting plugin that automates searching for experts to collaborate

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