Covid-19 Info Portal

A website for Ukrainian healthcare specialists as a source of relevant information on Covid-19 gathered in one place

  • QA
  • UI/UX design
  • Web Development
Covid-19 Info Portal

Project description

Our team created a platform that functions as an official source of information on Covid-19 for medical workers. The website shows the information on how to detect cases of coronavirus infection, the latest treatment recommendations, official protocols, etc. Additionally, medical workers can get information on preventive measures to protect themselves from the virus in the form of illustrative infographics, videos, files that can be downloaded, articles, and others. The platform’s admin panel is convenient in navigation as well as information placement and editing.

Industry: Healthcare
Platforms: Web
Role: Software Developer
Tech Stack: WordPress

Problem introduction

When the 2020 pandemic started, the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine came to us with an idea and a request to create an information website. This website had to be the source of official information for doctors, nurses, lab assistants, autopsists, and all other healthcare specialists dealing with Covid-19 patients or may have contact with the virus. The platform had to be delivered as fast as possible because of the rapid pandemic spread, so all healthcare workers in Ukraine had all the information they needed on treating patients effectively and protecting themselves from contagion. The platform that comprises an admin panel and a website had to be convenient, intuitive, and easy to use for placing and receiving relevant information.

Main goals:

  • Create a website with all required information for medical workers
  • Build the entire platform from scratch ASAP
  • Ensure user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Develop a convenient admin panel
  • Make sure there are no flaws in the system functioning
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

The project’s tech side wasn’t challenging because the client requested to make the website using WordPress and make it intuitive and simple for adding and editing content via the admin panel. Our client’s specialists were most comfortable using the WordPress admin panel, and, as we say – our client’s wish is our command. The only challenging thing was to create a flawless platform from scratch within a very short deadline. We started working on the project shortly after the pandemic situation was declared in Ukraine. Every team member understood the critical importance of a top-quality result for the Ukrainian healthcare system. We started building the platform at the end of March 2020, and in a month, it was already deployed on the Center for Public Health subdomain.

Core Functionality:

  • Admin panel
  • Statistics information update
  • File download from cloud storage
  • Illustrative infographics
  • Access to the regulatory framework
Core Functionality:


Our team developed a website with valuable content for medical workers dealing with the Covid-19 virus. We made the design of the website understandable, eye-pleasing and made it in accordance with the client’s brand book. Since the client asked us to keep the platform extra simple, it doesn’t have integration with other platforms or databases, and all content you see on the website is placed manually via the admin panel.


This website has high-level social importance because it is the source of official information, statistics, and recommendations gathered in one place. Multiple illustrative infographics help users to grasp the information fast.


  • Convenient and informative website for Ukrainian medical workers on Covid-19
  • Easy-to-navigate admin panel
  • Fast access to information on Covid-19
  • UI/UX design per client’s brand book

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