A cloud solution providing a set of vulnerability management tools and scanners to enhance the cybersecurity of websites

  • Business Analysis
  • DevOps services
  • QA
  • UI/UX design
  • Web Development

Project description

Cybersecurity is one of the most vital issues for businesses and individuals, which protects them from losing crucial data and assets. So, our team eagerly took the opportunity to work in this area and create a platform that identified both existing and potential vulnerabilities and allowed owners to quickly respond to them and keep corporate and personal data safe. Based on a thorough business analysis conducted by our specialists, we completed detailed technical documentation for the project, including descriptions of the landing page, customer’s dashboard, and admin panel. Our highly efficient cybersecurity platform with safe microservice-based architecture has various vulnerability scanners for network, web, Recon, and CMS. It also incorporates IP tools for providing additional benefits for a customer’s product and business. Our professionals integrated payment and live chat systems into the product.

Industry: Enterprise Solutions, Cybersecurity
Platforms: Web
Role: Software developer, IT consultant
Tech Stack: Python, Django, React.js, Next.js, PostgreSQL

Problem introduction

Our client wanted to develop a service with various cyber security scanners and tools, such as Nmap Port Scanner, OpenVAS Scanner, SSL/TLS Scanner, WordPress Scanner, OSINT, Test Ping, Reverse DNS, HTTP Headers, and others. It had to identify critical vulnerabilities quickly, accurately, and with the fewest possible false positives. The main goal of our client was to provide businesses and individuals with a solution helping them protect websites from any threat – from minor to massive attacks. Thus, they wanted the platform to be user-friendly and simple while having a developed structure with an informative landing page, functional admin panel, and integrated payment functionalities.

Main goals:

  • Create a reliable cybersecurity platform
  • Implement open source vulnerability scanners
  • Employ DNS and IP Tools
  • Create an informative landing page
  • Provide a comprehensive admin panel
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

Though it was our first extensive experience delivering a cybersecurity system, we did not have serious challenges. Initially, our client wanted us to take all tools and scanners through Hackertarget API. However, we offered a better solution – to implement them in-house, not to be dependable on the competitor’s website, which was eventually done. Other challenges included dockerizing tools, the OpenVAS scanner’s nature, and problems with some scanners that did not work, and our developers had to fix libraries to run them. However, our team consisted of professionals who had already participated in creating similar platforms and those who quickly mastered new technologies. Thus, we dealt with all issues successfully, and when our QA engineers tested the platform as hackers, they failed to damage the system no matter how hard they tried.

Core functionality:

  • Vast cybersecurity tools
  • Dedicated microservices for each vulnerability scanner, independently running in Docker containers
  • DNS queries testing
  • Schedule NMAP and OpenVas Scans
  • Consulting and Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Authentication with Google OAuth and LinkedIn OAuth
  • Automated payments
  • Client management via admin panel
Core functionality:


We developed a top-quality vulnerability assessment solution to help website owners increase the digital safety of their data and get ahead of attackers. They can schedule scanning and receive results on their emails, add team members, manage notifications, request consultation on security problems and needs, etc. The microservice architecture allows our platform to be flexible and responsive.

The admin panel’s framework is comprehensible and enables administrators to guarantee timely services. They can create, edit, and update information on prices, current plans, scanners, and tools. Integration with Zoho CRM significantly increases the client satisfaction rate with the platform. The Chargebee service implementation facilitated automatization and optimization of the billing processes. In addition, the landing page provides customers with visual and informative content required for the efficient promotion of this cybersecurity platform.


  • Reliable and effective cybersecurity platform
  • Deep and broad vulnerability coverage
  • Convenient and viable admin panel for efficient users management
  • Integrations with Chargebee and Zoho livechat
  • GDPR and PCI compliance
  • Informative and optimized landing page
  • AWS infrastructure
  • Customizable reporting system

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