Digital Opportunities

A platform that helps social workers to educate citizens on Diia functionality and its digital opportunities

  • Business Analysis
  • DevOps services
  • QA
  • UI/UX design
  • Web Development
Digital Opportunities

Project description

This project was our collaboration with the Digital Transformation department in Kharkiv. Our goal was to create a web and desktop application that would help social workers show how the Diia service works and how local residents can get a required document from a governmental institution without going there in person. The app has three main information sections – Digital governmental services (i.e., get a document, pay for services, etc.), Self-education (register for the offline course), and Partners (get information on other useful courses). Also, this platform has step-by-step instructions on specific actions such as getting a document and a link to the governmental service where you can get it. The Diia Digital Education section has extensive information on the Diia application, a direct link, FAQ section, educational videos on how to use messengers, apps, and other software, internet terms and slang dictionary, and other helpful info. The platform includes the admin panel where the managers can add, edit, and delete information, view statistics, etc.

Industry: Education, Social Services
Platforms: Web, Desktop
Role: Software developer, IT consultant
Tech Stack: React.js, Electron.js, Node.js, SendGrid

Problem introduction

Our client wanted to get a convenient digital platform that would help the government representatives to educate the Ukrainian citizens on using the Diia platform. The application had to be intuitive for social workers and individuals of all ages. Its main goal was to show that you don’t have to go to a governmental institution and wait there for hours to get the required document. You can do it online within just a few minutes.

Main goals

  • Create a platform within three weeks
  • Ensure user information secure gathering and storing
  • Deliver intuitive app and admin panel
  • Make the app maximum understandable for senior Ukrainian citizens
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

The project had no technical challenges. The platform is intended to be clear and illustrative for citizens and simple to navigate and edit for social workers.

Core Functionality

  • Admin panel with different access levels
  • Information adding and editing
  • Statistics on users
  • Survey functionality
  • Course registration email notifications
Core Functionality


The client trusted our expertise in providing digital solutions and our experience in collaborating with other governmental services. They gave us detailed requirements, didn’t request any progress update, and in the end, were fully satisfied with the result.


We created a web and cross-platform desktop app that functions on all major operating systems. The app has the most simple and intuitive interface because senior citizens and other individuals who have minor experience using computers and smartphones comprise the majority of its target users. When users log out of the app, they are asked to leave a short feedback on the app and the consulting manager to define the benefits of the platform we created and the client’s employees work quality.


The app’s admin panel has different access levels to protect client’s and users’ data. In addition to adding, editing, and removing information, the respective managers can see the statistics on user sessions – what personal information they entered, time spent on the app, etc. Since people can use the app to register for a free offline course, the managers can view their name and phone number to contact the user and change their status so that another manager won’t bother the user with the same questions and procedure.


  • Web application with intuitive admin panel
  • Cross-platform desktop app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems
  • Users’ name, age, and gender storing
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Educational videos, courses, etc.

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