Relational DB

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Relational DB


PostgreSQL is a flexible open-source object-relational database management system. The solution uses and extends the SQL language, combining features to store and scale complex data loads securely. This database has been maintained and improved by a large community of developers for more than 20 years.

PostgreSQL is one of the most popular database management systems. It is widely used for information integrity protection, application building, and fault-tolerant environment development. PostgreSQL users can extend it for themselves: define their own data types, indexes, languages, and the like. Apple, Instagram, Red Hat, and Fujitsu have already created products based on PostgreSQL.

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An Oracle database is a set of structured data stored on a server. It helps to manage and access information by multiple users simultaneously. Thanks to enhanced security, the server prevents unauthorized access and offers practical tools for recovering from possible failures.

Oracle is the first database to offer an economical and flexible way to manage information and applications. This cross-platform solution works with various operating systems. The base has its own network stack, allowing third-party software to interact with it. Oracle database has a large community due to its logical data structure, backups, and memory caching. Developers are constantly making changes to it, which helps to improve the user experience by making the architecture more straightforward and understandable.

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MySQL is an open-source relational database management solution. It is one of the most popular systems in the modern ecosystem, which is in demand regardless of the industry. With its help, users create powerful and secure storage systems.

MySQL has a user-friendly and understandable architecture, which has attracted a vast community. It is a structured set of data: from simple products to large volumes of information. The relationship of each element in it has a logical structure. MySQL is an integral part of many web and mobile applications. An extensive set of features and ease of use attract hundreds of developers daily. MySQL will be useful for anyone looking for a platform to store critical corporate data.

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