Your financial statement must be prepared in electronic form and bear a qualified signature or a signature confirmed by a trusted ePUAP profile? Thanks to the constantly updated Comarch e-Reports program, you will prepare and prepare for sending financial statements in the required XML format - in accordance with the new logical structures according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance. Create electronic financial statements and manage reporting documentation in your company.

Comarch e-Reports give you the opportunity to work on electronic financial statements.

The application is fully integrated with Comarch ERP systems. Data can also be entered into the application via an Excel template, from the JPK_KR file, manually or through an internally created integrator.

Dedicated validator

The application includes a dedicated validator that will check the correctness of the generated report and immediately inform you of any errors.

Electronic signatures

Management of multiple electronic signatures under the financial report in the application (i.e. report signature in the application).

Adding attachments

Adding any attachments to the application (e.g. auditor's audit report, resolution on the distribution of the result, etc.

Construction of the financial statement

Possibility to build a financial statement in the application on the basis of turnover with analysis of accounting data (import of data and turnover from JPK_KR) and save/send the entire report between applications in the new .cesf file format (including related documents and configuration settings). The application has the ability to generate financial statements based on the previous year.

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