Mobile applications

Mobile applications are innovative tools available for both smartphones and tablets, which support the key processes of a company, such as, sales (SFA), warehouse, data backup or Business Intelligence analyses.

Comarch WMS

Comarch WMS Management is a web-based application for warehouse managers and supervisors. It allows warehouse staff and storage space to be managed effectively, flows to be modified, and productivity to be increased.

The application Comarch WMS Management provides:

  • Flexible structure of warehouse locations
  • Logistic parameters of products, storage space and pallets
  • Planning, prioritizing and assigning warehouse orders
  • Handling packing lists for deliveries
  • Verifying warehouse operatives’tasks and performance
  • Scheduling and controlling inventory stocktaking and cycle counting
  • Monitoring statuses and times of processed warehouse orders
  • Predefined warehouse logistics reports



Comarch WMS Warehouseman supports all physical warehouse operations. This tool, with a simple interface and clear messages, guides users step by step in the warehouse. The application works on handheld devices (terminals and data collators), which, with long range scanners, can reach the barcodes on any shelf in a high storage warehouse.

  • receiving and checking deliveries
  • putting away and re-locating of items
  • picking and packing orders
  • verification of items, locations and pallets
  • preparing shipping parcels for carrier and customer
  • printing documents and logistics labels
  • inventory checking
  • a single or multi-step picking process (single and batch orders)
  • required barcode scanning to confirm a picked item
  • automatically increasing quantity after every scan
  • automatic communication with carrier and printout of shipping labels
  • management of cartons, pallets and return packaging units

Comarch Mobile Management

Comarch Mobile Management is an application intended for sales directors and managers, which enables efficient management of mobile employees via any device and from any place by:

  • Quickly scheduling, rescheduling, confirming, and rejecting the tasks of employees
  • Optimizing routes when scheduling tasks
  • Previewing the tasks completed by employees in Comarch Mobile Sales
  • Checking the current location of employees and analyzing the registered routes
  • Adding and editing tags (work statuses), which are necessary to report the performance of employees
  • Smooth communication with employees and sending urgent messages
  • Managing regions, employees, and customers

Comarch Mobile Sales

The Comarch Mobile Sales application offers a wide variety of functionalities which streamline the work of sales representatives by providing for, among other things:

  • Access to the full history of transactions, payments, and contacts with a customer
  • Conducting pre-selling sales transactions (taking orders and giving quotes at a customer’s place of business), as well as processing them quickly via a warehouse with the help of the Comarch WMS Warehouseman application
  • Conducting on the spot sales transactions (realization of sales transactions at the customer’s premises), by issuing invoices
  • Printing documents on mobile thermal printers or laser printers and obtaining the customer’s signature
  • Sending PDF files with document printouts
  • Registering meetings and phone contacts, delivering at the same time full information to headquarters about all actions undertaken in cooperation with customers
  • Completing the actions scheduled by a manager in the Comarch Mobile Management application
  • Registering traveled routes and using the messenger to communicate with co-workers
  • Scheduling new actions and reviewing already completed ones in the application available on any device via a web browser

Document Management System

Automation and digitization of business processes

DMS not only empowers the document workflow itself, it also the improves efficiency and effectiveness of many other processes in various business areas of the company.

Electronic document workflow and business processes

Regardless of the scale or type of business, every enterprise requires effective document management. Extended functionalities of Comarch DMS will provide support in the digitization of the company as it goespaperless or abandons workflows based on emails or Excel files. Using Comarch DMS, you will optimize activities related to entering, describing, or approving various types of documents such as invoices, contracts and correspondence.

The system’s flexibility allows the support of standard document workflows and non-standard business processes. Thanks to that, it is possible to use a single system to improve processes in many areas of the company.

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