Retail point of sale (or POS) - is an application for mobile devices intended for sellers working at cash desks. Her main task is to perform all operations related to customer service in a stationary store.

Streamline stationary sales and customer service!

Thanks to the POS module, you will be able to serve your customers faster. The module is designed so that people working at the cash register can focus all their attention on the customer, not on the sales process.

When issuing a document (receipt or VAT invoice), you will receive intelligent hints about the most popular goods, as well as about goods related to those sold. You can easily add a discount to the item and the entire document, and when paying in cash, the system will tell you the amount of change to spend.

Quick customer service and sale

The Comarch ERP XT POS module is developed in such a way as to make it easier for users to work with customer service. All this to make the service as quick as possible. Mechanisms used to facilitate work include:

  • hint to give change when paying in cash,
  • adapting the interface to right and left-handed people,
  • hints of the most-bought goods,
  • hints of goods related to the sold one,
  • quick discount system for items and the entire document.

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