Regardless of whether you deal with serial or one-off production, discreet or process production, you run a project activity or carry out simple picking, we offer you tools tailored to your needs. Due to the fact that Comarch ERP XL meets the highest standards, it is also possible to improve production-related processes, important for the production itself, such as ensuring timely availability of raw materials or semi-finished products or, at the right moment, information about their lack.

Production technology management

Technologies are a set of information that exhaustively defines the parameters included in the production process of a specific product or several products:

  • As part of the technology, production operations are defined, for which technological parameters are defined and raw materials and raw material substitutes (BOM – Bill of Materials), semi-finished products and products are assigned to them.
  • It is possible to create many versions of technology (e.g. for different groups of contractors), as well as to combine several technologies in order to obtain a product with selected parameters.

Management of the production warehouse and supplies

Irrespective of the manufactured products, the handling of production processes requires a good supply of production lines, work centers and a broadly understood production warehouse


Using the Comarch ERP XL system, it is possible to control material needs, supply raw materials and store semi-finished products in a manner corresponding to the course of the production process in enterprises from various industries.


The production warehouse zone can be extended with mobile solutions for warehouse employees, e.g. Comarch WMS or Comarch Warehouseman.

Setting up the product

The main task of the product configurator is to support the production and sale of products for individual orders. The tool is invaluable in those industries where there is a large variety or variety of products, it allows you to:


  • Convenient technology building and preparation of profitable offers using a wizard based on a question and answer matrix.
  • Calculation of product manufacturing costs and simulation of sales prices based on a number of parameters.
  • Determining the necessity of subsequent steps (e.g. production operations) and defining their dependence on meeting certain conditions.

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