Trade and Warehouse

Comarch ERP Optima Trade is a module supporting sales and warehouse management. It contains all functionalities of the Invoices module, and guarantees full control of logistics processes in the enterprise, making it possible to manage stored goods effectively.

The Trade Module allows you to:

The Comarch ERP Optima Trade Plus module contains all necessary functionalities for enterprises that carry out complex warehouse management.

The Comarch ERP Optima Trade Plus module additionally makes it possible to:

  • Assign received deliveries with particular lots, thanks to which the user may decide which delivery or item with specific features should be released from a warehouse first
  • Issue purchase/sales invoices and receipts for items from different warehouses

Comarch ERP Optima Retail

The Comarch ERP Optima Retail module has been created to meet the requirements of retail points of sale. It enables the user to issue receipts and related sales invoices. The simplicity of use, cooperation with touchscreens and barcode scanners, and transparent interface make the retail sales window a perfect tool for shops, food courts, and trade companies. The application is integrated with other Comarch ERP Optima modules, with which it cooperates while handling sales

Mobile Inventory Application

The Comarch Mobile Inventory application has been prepared to support the inventory process. Owing to that, a smartphone with a built-in camera can play the role of a mobile barcode scanner and data collector.

While working with the application, the user may create files with inventory data, which can then be quickly and easily uploaded to cloud storage, sent to a selected e-mail address, or copied to a computer. The format of the resulting file is fully exchangeable in the Comarch ERP Optima system. As a result, this solution will work not only during an inventory, but also during the creation of other trade and warehouse documents.

Basic functions of the application:

  • Configurable operation
  • Possibility to create many inventory sheets
  • Adding/editing/deleting inventory items
  • Mobile device’s camera can be used as a barcode scanner
  • Entering items manually
  • Searching for a scanned or manually entered item code on a sheet
  • Inventorying items imported from a file generated in Comarch ERP Optima
  • Export of inventory data
  • Sending files by e-mail (possibility to select a default address)

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