Warehouse management

Efficient execution of warehouse orders, constant control over the level of inventory or elimination of errors - these are the improvements offered by the use of Comarch ERP XL in the area of warehouse management. With the help of the tool, you will feel real support for a full range of processes related to logistics, starting from a detailed mapping of the warehouse structure, through the optimal arrangement of goods, to comprehensive support for transport

Free management of warehouses

  • Any number of warehouses, both internal and branch,
  • Warehouse space management – description of the structure along with the allocation of assortment and storage units to each warehouse address,
  • Various types of packaging, including returnable packaging; the possibility of defining packaging ratios,
  • Use of barcodes to identify assortment (multiple codes for a given product) as well as warehouse addresses,
  • Ensuring optimal placement of goods in the warehouse (High Storage Warehouse handling),
  • Automatic creation of demand plan (so-called Inventory Balance) based on defined criteria and maintaining the target stock level, including order automation,
  • Batch management of goods using definable attributes for resources (e.g. color, size),
  • Automation of defining and charging deposits, recording of deposits collected, for example, in connection with the turnover of returnable packaging,
  • Cooperation with Comarch WMS.

Error-free and fast completion of warehouse tasks

  • Recording of warehouse movements, including external receipts and issues, as well as inter-warehouse transfers or transfers within one warehouse – possibility of using mobile applications.
  • Option for virtual navigation through the warehouse – three-dimensional visualization.
  • Efficient inventory management, both for several warehouses at the same time and for a designated part of the warehouse.
  • Automation of warehouse operations through collaboration with label printers, code readers, and data collectors using the Comarch WMS Magazynier application.
  • Flexible management of orders fulfillment, raw material issuing, finished products acceptance, picking and de-picking operations, etc.

Improvement of transportation - shipping and warehouse deliveries

  • Definable travel routes, loading support, and the ability to prepare shipping documents.
  • Keeping records of packages, shipments, vehicles, and transportation costs.
  • Optimization of supply sources – quick information about the shortest deadline for order fulfillment.
  • Management of delivery and shipping calendars.

Comarch WMS

Comarch WMS is a package of two solutions – Comarch WMS Management and Comarch WMS Warehouseman, which together enable comprehensive high-storage warehouse management. Our WMS system allows for full control of the flow of goods in the company, thanks to full integration with Comarch ERP systems.

Comarch WMS includes, among others, a well-constructed warehouse structure, management algorithms, assignments assigned to employees, and monitoring of their status and time of completion. It also supports receiving and locating goods in the warehouse as well as issuing and inventorying them.

Comarch WMS Management contains the center of command of the warehouse and its processes. The web application is aimed at dispatchers and warehouse managers and allows, among other things:

  • managing locations and controlling the relocation of resources in the warehouse
  • monitoring the implementation of orders made by operators in the Comarch WMS Warehouseman application
  • administering the permissions of warehousemen and adjusting the parameters of processes,
  • controlling the minimum and maximum stock levels of goods,
  • verifying the workload and ranking of warehousemen,
  • configuring courier shipping orders,
  • analyzing warehouse data using reports.

Comarch WMS Warehouseman is an application that enables the receiving, issuing, moving, and inventorying of goods.

With Comarch WMS Warehouseman, goods can be quickly prepared for receipt and issuance through:

  • Multistage functionality enabling the execution of warehouse documents in stages,
  • Grouping of warehouse orders, MultiPicking,
  • Printing of executed warehouse documents and labels,
  • Constant access to information about contractors and goods (contractor and goods cards),
  • Easy filtering of the goods list according to user criteria (code, EAN, name, feature, location, carrier),
  • Verification of goods based on scanned EAN codes,
  • Carrier handling,
  • Monitoring of progress,
  • Execution of one order by multiple operators,
  • Automation and optimization of warehouse processes.

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