Accountancy and Taxation

Comarch ERP Optima supports all kinds of accounting - from lump sum, revenue and expense ledger, to full accounting. The software is always compliant with legal regulations. Owing to that, you may manage your company’s accounting securely and responsibly.

The most important features of the Accounting Module

Revenue and Expense Ledger

The Comarch ERP Optima Ledger module supports the management of a company which accounts for its business activities with a revenue service on the basis of a revenue and expense ledger, or on the basis of the record of revenues subject to advance corporation tax and records required from VAT payers (VAT accounts).

The Ledger module makes it possible to manage:

  • Records in a revenue and expense ledger
  • VAT accounts
  • Additional records
  • Wage records
  • Calculations of vehicle mileage records
  • Physical inventories
  • Calculations of advance payments for income tax
  • Creation of tax returns
  • Sending tax returns to an online tax return system
  • Calculations with the use of the split payment mechanism

Full Accounting

Comarch ERP Optima Accounting Records enables the company to manage full company accounting in compliance with and on the basis of the Polish Accounting Act.

The Accounting Records Module Makes it Possible to:

  • Create accounting periods
  • Create a multi-level plan of accounts and use an account group function
  • Keep one or many ledgers
  • Generate the trial balance summary for any period
  • Use posting schemes to post all documents and tax returns automatically
  • Generate unposted entries
  • Keep a full VAT record, print VAT-7, VAT-7K, VAT-UE, VAT-9M, and VAT-27 tax returns, and send them to an online system
  • Create VAT-ZD to VAT-7 declarations
  • Calculate VAT in compliance with general rules and with a cash accounting scheme
  • Calculate advance payments for PIT-36, PIT-36L, CIT-8, and calculate and electronically send yearly tax returns
  • Initiate opening balance on the basis of account balances from the previous year and many another functions.

The Accounting Records Plus Module additionally makes it possible to:

  • Create currency accounts and post to them
  • Use posting schemes to post to currency accounts
  • Preview single-sided entries and trial balances in both the system and foreign currency
  • Generate currency revaluations

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