Mooringo Breeze

A custom mobile app for recreational boaters to find occupancy level in marinas and anchorages

  • Business Analysis
  • Mobile Development
  • QA
  • UI/UX design
Mooringo Breeze

Project description

When you are on the water, you want to enjoy the scenery, feel the wind on your face, and breathe the refreshing air. You don’t want to worry about where and how to moor! So, we created a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms with rich functionality and fantastic design. The application allows boaters to get forecasts on vacancy level in marinas and anchorages using satellite data. Boaters can also find and book berths at ports, marinas, yacht clubs, and private buoys. Harbours and other interested parties can rent their berths and show destination events and local businesses near their place. The application provides local weather and occupancy prediction of the area that a person is planning to stay. It also supports user-friendly map navigation and convenient booking and paying systems.

Industry:             Traveling, Recreation

Platforms:           Mobile

Role:                  Software developer, IT consultant

Tech Stack:          Flutter, Firebase, Angular

Project team:       2 Developer
                         1 QA engineer
                         1 BA

Problem introduction

Our client is the founder of a platform providing search, reservation, and mooring services for legal entities and individuals. It simplifies the process of planning stops and organizing facilities and services for recreational boaters. For marinas, it provides opportunities to accelerate their business and improve efficiency. The client’s primary requirements was to ensure that customers would get an appealing, user-friendly, and stylish design that was great to have on hand, as well as to introduce precise navigation. Besides, our team had to implement various paid subscriptions.

Main goals:

  • Provide a client with a reliable, advantageous, and easy-to-use app
  • Cover both iOS and Android platforms
  • Introduce a convenient UX/UI design reflecting the product’s essence
  • Integrate payment subscriptions
  • Implement map tools
  • Create a visually pleasing and informative landing page
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

The primary function of the app is to display available berths for booking. It is impossible to do without a map that shows all harbors and ports. So, it was one of the main challenges that our team faced during this project. Maps integration can be done in several ways, for example, through Google Maps or Bing. After analyzing all the data, requirements, and expectations of the customer, we decided to integrate Mapbox Maps into the application. It is a flexible platform that enables developers to embed highly customized maps within iOS and Android apps.

Core Functionality:

  • Real-time available berthing on a map
  • In-app payments
  • Extensive registration system
  • Multifunctional subscription module
  • Integrated maps
  • Searching for a berth by the vessel dimensions
  • Convenient booking logic and functionality
Core Functionality:


Our work has resulted in a reliable and advanced mobile app for iOS and Android that includes functionality for easy and painless booking and renting berths from private owners and harbours. The application covers all essential boaters’ and harbors’ needs – picking and choosing different places, booking and paying at any convenient time, publishing vacant berths, choosing a mooring that precisely suits your boat, etc.
The app analyzes boating destinations using satellite data and provides vacancy forecasts for hundreds of marinas and anchorages along the Swedish coast. One of the core functions is integrated maps where a person can see colorful pegs indicating the status of vacancy. Our team implemented a paid subscription, enabling users to receive information on the chosen marina’s occupancy and its future state. Also, boaters can find detailed descriptions of every dock and the adjacent area, including the facilities and local attractions.
We developed the app with an elegant, advanced design and handy features that create a long-lasting customer experience.


  • Cross-platform mobile app for boaters and harbours
  • Responsive and contemporary UI/UX design
  • Integrated payment and other functionalities
  • Mapbox and in-app subscription implementation
  • Advanced statistics on every transaction for every berth

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