A complex eCommerce and resource planning SaaS platform for gym and barbershop networks to optimize their business processes

  • Business Analysis
  • DevOps services
  • Mobile Development
  • MVP
  • QA
  • UI/UX design
  • Web Development

Project description

We created a highly efficient SaaS platform for gyms and barbershops that allows networks to optimize eCommerce processes, simplify booking for customers by making it fully automated and self-service, and increase staff efficiency. The platform includes a web admin panel for businesses and two native iOS and Android mobile applications for their clients. Mobile apps allow clients to book specialists for individual procedures and training, book a spot in group training, check personal schedules, and purchase products like protein (for gyms), shampoo (for barbershops), etc. The admin panel allows businesses to see and manage their clients, add or edit data on specialists, items, activities, loyalty programs, etc.

Industry: eCommerce, Enterprise
Platforms: Web, Mobile
Role: Software Developer, IT Consultant
Tech Stack: Node.js, Angular, Swift, Kotlin, Stripe, SendGrid, Twilio

Problem introduction

The client wanted to create a system that would automate multiple business processes and eliminate human mistakes. The platform had to be user-friendly for both clients and managers. We analyzed all requirements and offered numerous suggestions for the product logic and implementation. Since one of the client’s goals was to make services more client-oriented, actions like choosing specialists, booking, rescheduling training or procedures, buying items, and others had to be the most simple and self-service. Thus, clients could do everything listed via the mobile app. At the same time, the admin panel for staff workers had to be customizable to fit different types of businesses and their needs. The client intended to use the platform for personal needs, but they also plan to offer it to other businesses as an effective SaaS solution.

Main goals:

  • Build an MVP in 2.5 months
  • Create an advanced ERP system based on analyzed client’s business processes
  • Develop native apps for iOS and Android platforms
  • Make the system customizable and flexible
  • Adjust a booking functionality for group training
  • Integrate payment and emailing systems
Tech Challenges

Tech Challenges

The major challenge was to create an MVP version of this complex SaaS platform within two and a half months, including processes like customer requirements analysis, business analytics, product design, development, and testing. We accomplished this task successfully; however, the MVP would be even better if the team had one additional month to the deadline. Creating a booking functionality wasn’t challenging per se. However, the team needed to cover different scenarios like: – the client books a spot in a group training, – the client books a spot but doesn’t come to the training or a procedure, – the client books a spot but cancels in less than 24 hours, etc. We developed the logic for all possible scenarios that would be both client-friendly and beneficial for businesses. For example, if a client bought one-time access to the training via the app and didn’t show up, the system considers this payment transaction as a fine, and the client won’t be able to refund it.

Core Functionality:

  • Admin panel for extensive business management
  • The matrix of customizable admin roles and accesses
  • Advanced scheduling and booking
  • Automated resource management
  • Integrated emailing and payment functionalities
  • In-app purchases
  • Report generation (online and in PDF format)
  • Statistical and accounting data visualized as charts and graphs
  • Loyalty programs, discounts, chargebacks
Core Functionality:


We developed a centralized solution for businesses from scratch, so the owners, accountants, staff members, and clients could use only one service for all their needs. The platform includes an advanced web ERP system that can be used for accounting, inventory management, staff scheduling, client relationship management, reporting, selling products and services, etc. The clients can enjoy their training and beauty procedures using native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Native technologies ensure better integration with mobile device functionalities.

The web platform is initially created as customizable. Even though at the moment, it is used for the needs of gyms and barbershops, the platform can be easily adjusted to fit other businesses. The entire system was created to serve both businesses with one location and networks with multiple branches, so mobile apps allow clients to select them by location.

Mobile applications offer an in-app ecosystem where clients can view gyms and barbershops, specialists, schedules, and reviews. Also, clients can buy access to single and group training, memberships, and products and view their schedules in a personal account calendar.

Our client received extensive tech support during the development process and after the product launch.


  • Advanced ERP system for gym and barbershop networks
  • QR-code scanning functionality for membership and goods purchasing
  • Optimized inventory management system
  • Integrated payment, booking, emailing, and other functionalities
  • Marketplace for multiple businesses
  • In-app loyalty program
  • Post-launch support

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