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Online sales in Poland are developing dynamically. Currently, there are over 50,000 online stores on the Polish market. Being present in the world of e-commerce is today a necessary factor for companies wanting to develop. Transferring or expanding your company's activities with the e-commerce market will take your business to a completely new level and expand your opportunities, both in terms of acquiring new customers and strengthening existing business relationships.

Modern e-commerce solutions from Comarch

Efficient entry into the e-commerce market is possible thanks to the software:

Comarch e-Sklep – allowing you to set up your own online store.

Comarch e-Sale – enabling selling on leading auction portals.

The solutions are fully integrated with ERP systems so you can run your business in one stable ecosystem.

As a Comarch Partner, we deliver and implement solutions for your e-commerce:

Comarch e-Sklep

Comarch e-Sklep is an intuitive tool for effective online sales. Thanks to numerous integrations in the field of sales and marketing, it works well in both retail and B2B model.

Comarch e-Sale

Comarch e-Sale is an easy-to-use application through which you can list your products on popular auction sites from the assortment available in the Comarch ERP system.

We will provide you with the best conditions for doing business on the Internet on the sales platform Earn even more and use all the solutions that will drive your sales!

Comarch B2B

Comarch B2B is a modern B2B internet platform enabling remote support of the sales network. The platform is fully integrated with the Comarch ERP XL and Comarch ERP Standard systems, thanks to which all data is available directly from the ERP system.

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Start free trials of the Comarch e-Sklep software in the demo version today. Discover that software can be really good and easy to use. Probably this program will meet your expectations

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